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Can you design a Web site for me?

We get asked that a lot.

The answer is yes, we can, but whether we should design a site for you depends on your expectations.

We specialize in developing starter sites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and small- to medium-sized affinity groups getting started on the Web. We also upgrade or maintain existing sites for clients whose online presence needs work.

We use HTML, Flash, and a superb Content Management System named Joomla.

We build each site in such a way that our clients can easily maintain the Web site after it's up and running.

If you want a structure that you can modify yourself, we're a great resource. If you need some minor Web work done, we can do it economically and intelligently.

If you want a Content Management System, a membership site, or a basic e-store set up, we can do that for you, too.

But if you're looking for razzle-dazzle graphics or a sophisticated high-volume e-commerce site, we're probably not a good fit. Pay the price and buy yourself a fancy designer or a Web development shop that specializes in ecommerce.

Our primary focus is on getting you and your starter site up and running with a minimum of fuss and expense. That's something we can do very well.

Want a classy-looking Web site instantly ?  

Our subsidiary company, Domains by Landmark, offers a service called WebSite BuilderŪ that lets you choose from over 100 professionally designed templates. You build your own site in real time, adding your own photos or graphics and typing in your own text. No manuals to read, no technical language to learn — you'll build your site right inside your familiar Web browser!

A five-page Economy site — plenty of space for most anyone — is just $8.00 per month. And WebSite BuilderŪ includes Web hosting and an email account!

No matter how you get your Web site up and running, we hope you'll consider Domains by Landmark as your Web host. We offer inexpensive hosting on rock-solid Web servers with excellent and free 24/7 technical support.

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